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Aspire One is an exclusive coaching and tutoring institute founded by IITians with the specific aim of honing the competitive skills of students who aspire to excel in the the Joint Entrance Examination (IIT- JEE) and various other engineering entrance examinations conducted across India. By means of our unique teaching methods and innovative learning model, we make high-quality education accessible to students in UAE. We provide advanced coaching to students in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry based on the latest IIT JEE curriculum and examination pattern. All our course material is developed and taught by IITians, keeping in mind the latest examination trends.

Our Team

Mohammad Sohaib Ali


Research & Content Development

Kumar Kapil


Research & Content Development

Mohammad Sohail Ali


Founder , Faculty Maths & Physics

Uday Raj Singh Chauhan


Faculty Chemistry & Maths

Kalyan Sahoo


Faculty Physics & Maths

Faculty, Research & Content Development Team

We pride ourselves in having an all IITian team. Apart from faculties for different subjects, we also have a dedicated team for research and content development who not only work to create new problems, but also helps and guides the faculties to streamline the flow of syllabi to be taught to the students while keeping in mind the latest trends and test patterns in use today.

Student speak

Suraj Pathak

Our Own Indian School

The IIT-JEE entrance exam is the ultimate examination for students who wish to enter the field of engineering and Aspireone helps me to prepare for such exams. The teaching method used in the classes are traditional methods taken to a new level which give me the ability to access everything that was shown on the board during the class (be it a derivation, extra questions or even a solution to a tough problem), even after I reach home or if I miss the class. Aspireone has its own series of books with plenty of questions with and without worked-out solutions along with the basics of each chapter. The advantage of having classes on weekends is that topics can be covered without any interruption along with having to spend less time travelling during crowded week days.

Aditya Sharma

DPS Sharjah

Aspire one is a institute par excellence and has given me a dynamic enthralling experience . The Classes of Aspire One helped me a lot with my time management and also taught me different types of ways to solve IIT level questions The tests that are conducted regularly helps a lot in finding out our weaknesses. The theory classes cleared my concept in a very well fashioned way and the study material is just superb covering each topic in great detail. The faculty have always been there to help me for everything. I would like to advise my fellow juniors ,the IIT Aspirants to practice more and more numerical problems and pay most attention to the conceptual part. All in all Aspire One is a unique institution,with the entire faculty comprising of IITians. Aspire One has truly helped me discover my true potential, and has even helped me overcome my weaknesses.

Aagney Narasimhan

Ambassodar School , Dubai

Although I was skeptical about coaching for IIT examinations at first, Aspire One has opened new options for me by providing me with a systematic way to approach the JEE examinations. The Aspire One team consists entirely of former IITians who have experienced the JEE examinations and the institute itself as a whole, which is a great advantage for students in this centre. All the concepts are taught in detail and regular exams of JEE pattern are held to test the students on what we have learnt. Moreover, all the lectures/notes done in the classes are sent to the students for future reference, which helps us greatly to prepare for the examination. Not only that, after joining Aspire One, my school performance has boosted greatly as I was equipped with a problem solving mind.
All in all, I have gained knowledge which I am sure will help me in my JEE examinations and knowledge that I can apply throughout my life.

Saagarika Verma

GEMS Modern Academy

The name Aspire One speaks for itself as their classes encourage us to believe and aspire for what we are hoping for, an entrance to IIT. Aspire one has taught me focus, determination, perseverance and hardwork is the only way to success. Nothing is impossible, not even the seemingly daunting task of gaining entrance into IIT. These classes have enhanced my learning passion and revealed my true potential. With the interactive classes during the weekends, numerous study sessions, extensive insider information and lots of extra practice on the Aspire book series, I am confident that I wouldn't have come close to achieving my dream of cracking IIT without Aspire One.

Hana Zahwa

New Indian Model School (NIMS)

The classes at AspireOne are very interesting. Sohail Sir is an excellent teacher and he also ensures that all the students are following what is being taught in class. The tutorial books prepared by the AspireOne team are very helpful to us students. The motivational speeches that sir occasionally gives us inspire me to spend more of my time and effort for preparation for JEE. I feel that AspireOne is the best institution for students whose aim is to clear JEE and join prestigious institutions such as the IITs.

Mohammad Rabeeh

New Indian Model School (NIMS)

Aspire One has helped me to understand my topics better and enhance my ability to achieve my goals. They make teaching more fun and interesting by linking the topics to real life situations and experiences. The study materials, reference books, tutorials and regular tests boosts my knowledge about the subject. I’m really grateful to Aspireone for providing me with the right education.


JSS Private School

What makes Aspire One different is the fact that here we learn to truly understand our basics. Unless we know where and how a formula came from ,we can never truly use it with proper understanding. I can proudly say that now I understand what I'm doing and not just following some random sequence of steps to solve any given problem.

Dhruvika Sharma

GEMS Modern Academy

Aspire One classes are exactly the push I needed to prepare for IIT. The classes are motivating and focused. Also being surrounded by other students who are equally focused and determined, encourages me to work hard as well. The way the topics and taught is easy to understand and we face no overall difficulties while studying. I get a whole lot of encouragement to practice, practice and practice for IIT.

Aditya Paul

The Millennium School,Dubai

Aspireone, along with teaching subject lessons has given me a new perspective on handling questions. It works diligently to prepare me for the pinnacle of aptitude exams, iit jee. I have a strong belief that under guidance and hard work of aspireone mentor, I will be able to crack IIT-JEE entrance test. Aspireone is equipping me with all tools and skills under my belt to efficiently tackle any high level questions. I am very thankful that I got an opportunity to be a part of this novel institute.

Sudhir Pathak

Father of Suraj Pathak

I am happy to write about AspireOne. They are a dedicated team of young IITians who are working relentlessly to guide, encourage and develop the young Indian generation in Dubai to succeed in the prestigious IIT entrance examination. Aspire's appraoch is simple, effective, easy to understand yet challenging for the prospective aspiring IITian ! The class timings suit students and the class location is easy to reach and well connected to Metro. I strongly recommend parents and students to approach AspireOne to fulfill their desires to experience IIT education.

Suchitra Narasimhan

Mother of Aagney Narasimhan

When everyone had the wrong notion that students in Dubai will not be able to coach themselves for the IIT examinations, then came Aspire One, a professional coaching centre. They are a dedicated and determined team that coach students in a systematic manner. What I first liked about them is the structured pattern right from selecting the students to framing the timetable and conducting the classes. Moreover, tests are held regularly with constant follow up and guidance given to the students. I strongly believe that every student who is in Aspire One will be well equipped to face any competitive exam as they are trained by professional IITians. On a personal level I can see a vast improvement in my son both in terms of academic performance and time management.



2 Year Course - Grade XI / XII
  • Syllabus

    Maths, Physics & Chemistry for Board (CBSE/ISC)

  • Duration

    April 2016 to March 2018

  • Fees

    Please contact

  • Contact Hrs

    12Hrs per Week (1000+ Hrs)
    Interactive Lectures: 9 Hrs
    Tutorials: 3 Hrs

  • Seats

    Limited to 25 per batch

This is a 2 year advanced course for students who are in Grade 11. The course has been designed to teach advanced concepts in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.

 Our course content and timeline is primarily focused on (CBSE/ISC) board examinations.


2 Year course - Grade XI
  • Syllabus

    JEE Main & Advanced - Maths, Physics & Chemistry

  • Duration

    April 2016 to April 2018

  • Fees

    Please contact

  • Contact Hrs

    14Hrs per Week (1300+ Hrs)
    Interactive Lectures: 10 Hrs
    Tutorials: 4 Hrs

  • Seats

    Limited to 25 per batch

This is our flagship 2 year course focused on IIT JEE Mains and Advanced Exam. This is a rigorous course where we will teach for more than 1300 Hrs over a span of 2 years to students who will be appearing for IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams in 2018.

 Our course content and timeline is primarily focused on IIT JEE mains and Advanced Exam. We have put our best efforts to align the topics being taught at school so that students excel in their school exams as well.


1 Year course - Grade X
  • Syllabus

    Maths, Physics & Chemistry for Board (CBSE/ICSE)

  • Duration

    April 2016 to March 2017

  • Fees

    Please contact

  • Contact Hrs

    7.5Hrs per Week (350+ Hrs)
    Interactive Lectures: 6 Hrs
    Tutorials: 1.5 Hrs

  • Seats

    Limited to 25 per batch

This is a 1 year foundation course for aspiring students who are in Grade 10. The course has been designed to build a strong foundation of the basic concepts in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.
Our course content and timeline is primarily focused on (CBSE/ISCE) board examinations. Simultaneously we inculcate the habit of understanding the fundamental concept of the subject being taught. This helps us to lay a strong foundation to train the students for competitive exams they will be facing in years ahead.

Learning Model

At Aspire Onewe pride ourselves in having a dedicated Research and Content Development team who have designed QUATTRO. It is a unique 4-step Learning Model aimed at giving every student a smooth and streamlined learning experience. We implement a dynamic and effective process that guides the students and helps them identify their strengths and bridge their learning gaps.


The Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination ( IIT JEE) is an annual engineering college entrance examination in India. It is used as the sole admission test by the fifteen Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian School of Mines (also known as ISM Dhanbad) and IIT BHU. The examination is organized each year by one of the various IITs, using a round robin rotation pattern. It has a very low admission rate (around 1-2%).
IIT JEE is a two phased exam with topics comprising of Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry. In the first phase ( JEE Main) all students are allowed to appear for the exam and the top 150,000 students are eligible to register for the second and final phase ( JEE Advanced).

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